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Out of the Box Into your Centre

Unique training and guidance programs for families and employees.


                Do you experience tensions in yourself, at work or in your family?

 Think 'out of the box!'

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Burn-out prevention business

Come out of your box, in to your centre

Burn-out prevention

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Balance daily parenthood.
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Do you feel in balance?

In this world we have water, fire, sun, moon, men, women.

We live in duality and all want to feel complete.

To be whole.

Our center is innovative and creative in combining ancient wisdom and modern knowledge and creating lessons that will make you come back to your center more.

From your center you are more in contact with yourself and you no longer live in a reactive way

but from what you feel, what is good for you.
   Make this investment in your personal growth that will give you a lot of benefits for the rest of your life and will greatly increase your vibe and positively influence your life and that of the people around you.

OBIC Out of the Box Into your Centre

Out of the Box Into your Centre

Our mission is to be a place of inspiration, growth and healing in the world.
To create awareness to live life in love and freedom.
Come to deep fulfillment when you can find meaning and purpose in your center,
discover your authentic potential in the plan for your life!

Inner child dialogue

Begin your healing inner work with the child within you.

Discover the origins of many of our fears, uncertainties and sabotaging patterns of life.
This is where true healing will begin!

This dialogue is an essential part of our training courses,

Discover which parts of yourself you can still gain insight into


      9-11 oktober, ontspannen vakantie / meditatieweekend met sauna.

In Zeeland.

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Phone 1: +31 64 26 73 092